Your Heart Forecast - Privacy Policy

Definition of 'Your Heart Forecast'

'Your Heart Forecast' is a set of two computer based tools created by Enigma Publishing, jointly for the University of Auckland's School of Population Health, and the Heart Foundation (of New Zealand).

These tools are expected to be used by clinical users and end consumers alike. They collect information of a clinical nature which describe risk factors relating to an individual's CVD Risk. Both versions of these tools can be used to generate a personalised CVD Risk profile by entering only clinical information -No personally identifiable information is required to use these tools to generate a personalised CVD Risk profile.

In addition to the basic risk profiling functions, the Clinical version of the tool makes an offer to the individual for their risk profile (including their clinical information used to derive that profile) to be stored with a personal invitation (a Key) being sent to a mobile phone by SMS, or by email. This feature allows the end user (who may be a patient within a doctor's clinic) to have their profile taken from that clinical setting, and made available to them again in their own choice of external setting (home / work etc).

Permissible use of data

In order to facilitate the storage and forwarding of this clinical case, details are written to a database and then made available through that end user upon presenting their valid key into a website (, details are contained in their invitation message.

The cellphone number and email address details are used to deliver the personal invitation messages, and are stored within the database to allow personalised support if requested by the end user. Examples of this may include (but are not specifically limited to) helping the end user through the transition between Clinical and Consumer tools should an error occur.

  1. This information will be used to address and send the invitation SMS and or email based invitation message.
  2. At no time will personal details be used to make contact with end users who have not made a request for such assistance.
  3. At no time will personal details be referenced for any purpose other than providing this kind of assistance.
  4. At no time will any personal details be shared with any third party without the prior consent of the end user.

Any individual may request (under the privacy act) information held relating to them, and can request amendments / corrections of that information. The custodians of this database are Enigma you can place such a request to the General Manager.

Further use of the clinical data collected within the Clinical version.

The user may opt for their information to be sent into the Heart Foundation's instance of the Consumer version of 'Your Heart Forecast'. If they do opt for this they will be required to click on a link which is adequately clear that their information is being passed on to the Heart Foundation. At this point no personally identifiable information is shared with the Heart Foundation, only the clinical risk profile is shared - Neither the email address or cell-phone details which were used to deliver the personal invitation will be passed onto the Heart Foundation.

The Heart Foundation's 'Know Your Numbers' website, houses the Consumer version of 'Your Heart Forecast'. There are other tools made available to consumers within this website. Those other tools may request the user to create an account and/or may interact with the end user on an ongoing basis. Considerations around the handling of data within the other areas of the Heart Foundation's 'Know Your Numbers' website is not covered here.

Consumer version of 'Your Heart Forecast'

The Heart Foundation host a 'Consumer version' of the 'Your Heart Forecast' within their 'Know Your Numbers' site. The Consumer version of the tool is used to review the individuals CVD Risk profile which was captured within the Clinical setting / version.

This tool can also be used by individuals who have not had any previous usage of 'Your Heart Forecast'. It can be used as an entry point into the 'Know Your Numbers' programme.

No personally identifiable information is captured within the Consumer version of this tool at all.

The Consumer version of the tool makes an offer to pass the individual's clinical CVD Risk profile into a "Healthy Heart Programme'. This is another tool run by the Heart Foundation. If the user chooses to do this, then the clinical profile entered is shared into a separate third party database relating to the 'Healthy Heart Plan'. Privacy considerations for this other tool are not managed by Enigma and so are not covered here. They fall under the Heart Foundation's control.